RMP Engagement Session Tips

Engagement sessions (or sessions for couples in general) are some of my VERY favorite. They’re typically super laid back and involve a whole lot of giggling. I totally get having a camera in your face can be a bit intimidating. My prayer is that you will walk away feeling like our time together was less like a photo shoot and more like a REALLY sweet date night. I’m just there to guide, pose and capture images that reflect you and your love for one another - are ya ready? Here’s my top tips for making our time together easy-breezy-beautiful ;)


If you can, I always highly recommend my couples take the day of their engagement session and spend it TOGETHER! I know how quickly this season can fly by so take advantage of this day and use it to rest, be pampered and re-connect! I schedule my sessions about an hour before sunset to take advantage of the best lighting. So sleep in, go to brunch, pamper yourself with hair + makeup, grab an afternoon coffee and chat about anything BUT wedding planning! By the time you get to me, we’ll just keep the date going and I’ll be there to capture it!


It’s usually about 50 / 50 when it comes to my couples having a specific location in mind vs. them asking me to do the picking! I have a few go-to spots in the DFW area that I am happy to send your way - just let me know whether you’re envisioning large fields and big trees or modern buildings and industrial skylines as your background. For those that want something a little more cozy, I love capturing couples in a home or at The Lumen Room (a gorgeous natural light studio in DFW). The sky is the limit, really! I know couples who have traveled to Utah, Colorado and California for their engagements and bridals. It’s the perfect excuse for a weekend trip, and let’s be honest, those mountains and beaches make for one heck of a backdrop! Let me know if this is something you would be interested in and we’ll chat details and start scouting cheap flights (seriously - I pride myself on finding cheap flights).


I get so excited when brides involve me in their outfit planning! I bet that a majority of the images you see in my portfolio that you like are not just because the couple looks REAL sweet + lovey-dovey but because you like what the couple is WEARING. Here’s my top 5 tips when selecting an outfit for your session:

  1. Look like YOU - At the end of the day, I want you to feel SO confident and good in your images and that starts with how you feel when you show up to your session. If you’re most comfortable in those cute high-waisted skinny jeans and a crop top, ROCK IT! And if you’re all about that long flowy dress, ROCK IT! The most important thing is that you feel like a total BABE and only you know what makes you feel that way!

  2. Make sure it makes sense - Take into consideration where we will be taking photos when you plan your outfits. If we’re hiking or hanging out in big fields, heels may not be so fun to walk in. If we’re at the beach or by the water, hey - you can ditch those shoes all together! If it’s freezing, bring layers! If it’s hot (#Texas), wear something light and airy!

  3. Movement - Again, I really think that a majority of the images you see in my portfolio that you like are because they have movement. I LOVE when my RMP brides wear clothing or accessories that can show movement by catching the wind. Remember that if you’re in a tight dress, you’re more likely to be distracted during the shoot to make sure it all stays in place. If you wear clothes that are “broken in,” you’ll be comfortable and excited to move around and get snuggly with your boo!

  4. Colors + Patterns - This might be one of my most important suggestions - stick to neutrals and earthy tones! BUT, keep in mind, there are neutrals of every color (if you like yellow - go with a mustard yellow + if you like green, go with an olive green). Just be sure to stay away from bright or fluorescent colors that might be distracting in the images (hot pinks, bright reds, turquoise blues). In addition, avoid big colorful patterns. If a pattern is extra loud, it takes away from YOU in your images.

  5. Props - Whether it’s your pup, a hat, a denim jacket to throw over your shoulder, a picnic blanket + champagne, a bouquet of flowers or a flower crown - BRING IT! These little things will add variety to your photos that I think you will appreciate!

If you’re needing some additional outfit inspo, check out my Pinterest board here! And as always, you are welcome to text if you have any questions at all about your outfit!


Nothing is worse than feeling rushed and hectic just moments before you take photos! Give yourself extra time to get to your session! We always schedule engagements an hour before sunset because it provides the best lighting that is oh so flattering on my couples. Unfortunately, this also means we have a hard stop once the sun sets so be sure to arrive on time so we have a full hour to take tons and tons of photos! P.S. If you show up early, spend that time thinking of your best inside jokes because I may or may not ask you to whisper something funny into the other person’s ear during your session to get them giggling.


If you remember nothing else, remember this! When we’re strolling from place to place during your session, keep on lovin’ each other and enjoy the moment! Hold hands, kiss that forehead, get snuggly! These always end up being some of my couples’ favorite images because they are genuine moments that reflect YOU and your relationship. I do very little “posing” and a whole lot of “directing” during a session because I think it opens the door for my couple to be themselves and allows me to capture images that have movement and lots of big smiles and giggles!

Alexandra Moore