RMP Printing Recommendations

I get asked all the time about the best place to print images from a wedding, engagement session, bridal session, etc. and I will forever and always recommend printing directly through your online Pixiset gallery. Oddly enough, as a wedding photographer, I spend just as much time (if not more) behind a computer screen than I do behind my camera. Many hours are dedicated to making sure your images are color corrected and retouched for the perfect exposure. Printing at a professional lab ensures that your prints look true to color (just like you see them on your computer screen!)

One of the reasons I deliver my online galleries through Pixiset is because it offers an INCREDIBLY easy process for ordering prints through a professional lab. I’ve outlined each step for you below, but as always I’m a call / text / email away if you have any questions when navigating through this!

Step 1: Open your Pixiset gallery

step 1.PNG

Step 2: Scroll through your gallery to find the image(s) you would like to order / print. As you hover over each image, you will see a shopping cart icon - click that little guy!

step 2.PNG

Step 3: Select the type of print and quantities you want for each image. A product description will pop up on the left for you to review! Once you add a print, you can continue shopping or view your cart.

step 3.PNG

Step 4: When you’re ready to checkout, select View Cart and review your order. You will notice an “edit crop” button by each image. All of your images are pre-sized to be 4x6 so any photos 5x7 or 8x10 will be auto-cropped by Pixiset. *Make sure you adjust the crop to your liking before clicking checkout. We for sure don’t want the grooms hairdo chopped out in your images!!

step 4.PNG

Step 5: Once you click Checkout, you will be taken to a traditional ordering screen where you can put in your billing and shipment information. Both you and I will receive email confirmation once you have placed your order! Please let me know if you don’t. Prints are generally shipped within 1-2 business days and you’ll receive them 5-10 days later - WOOHOO!

step 5.PNG

Be sure to share this information with your family and friends who are looking to purchase prints! Trust me - I’m a big fan of Costco and Walmart’s every day low prices, but when it comes to your wedding photos, I highly encourage you to spend just a bit more to ensure your prints are true to color and look exactly how I intended them to look!

If you’ve made it through all these steps, you’re the BEST! As a thank you - here’s a little promo code you can use at checkout to receive $5 off your print purchase! Code: RMPTHANKYOU

Lots of hugs! Happy print shopping!

Alexandra Moore